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We are sorry to inform you that EzArrays is not functioning due to recent changes on the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) Website and R/Bioconductor packages. Please check BxArrays™ instead.

EzArray is a web-based highly automated Affymetrix expression array data management and analysis system

Yuerong Zhu, Yuelin Zhu and Wei Xu
BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:46

Though microarray experiments are very popular in life science research, managing and analyzing microarray data are still challenging tasks for many biologists. Most microarray programs require users to have sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer skills for usage. With accumulating microarray data deposited in public databases, easy-to-use programs to re-analyze previously published microarray data are in high demand.

EzArray is a web-based Affymetrix expression array data management and analysis system for researchers who need to organize microarray data efficiently and get data analyzed instantly. EzArray organizes microarray data into projects that can be analyzed online with predefined or custom procedures. EzArray performs data preprocessing and detection of differentially expressed genes with statistical methods. All analysis procedures are optimized and highly automated so that even novice users with limited pre-knowledge of microarray data analysis can complete initial analysis quickly. Since all input files, analysis parameters, and executed scripts can be downloaded, EzArray provides maximum reproducibility for each analysis. In addition, EzArray integrates with Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and allows instantaneous re-analysis of published array data.

EzArray is a novel Affymetrix expression array data analysis and sharing system. EzArray provides easy-to-use tools for re-analyzing published microarray data and will help both novice and experienced users perform initial analysis of their microarray data from the location of data storage. We believe EzArray will be a useful system for facilities with microarray services and laboratories with multiple members involved in microarray data analysis. EzArray is freely available from http://ezarray.com/.

Good News!  

We have developed a new microarray data management and analysis system named BxArrays™. The system is a lot more powerful than EzArrays. BxArrays™ has many more benefits in terms of supported statistical algorithms and supported microarray platforms. It includes many new microarray analysis methods while still retaining the ease of use of EzArrays. BxArrays™ can now analyze microarray data on all platforms including Affymetrix, Nimblegen, Illumina, and more. We have made the system fully integrated with the current Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) website and the latest version of BxLIMS.

To use BxArrays™ no previous knowledge in statistics or microarray analysis is needed. The system can give users a visual microarray analysis in a few clicks. In addition, users can keep track of all the gene expression data in a centralized location with integration to many modern microarray data analysis tools.

With BxArrays™ the users can perform more microarray analysis in less time. There is no need to do any programming, and the user can even use custom protocols and scripts. Click here to learn more about BxArrays™.